Our services

Advice for the acquisition of works of art

We advice investors, collectors, collectors associations, investment funds, crowdfunding, etc.

We adapt to the needs of each type of client.


We conducts a thorough study of the work, including chemical analysis and issue a detailed report of the work to give credibility to the legitimacy of its origin.

At no time will this report a certification of authenticity or a certificate of authorship of the work.

Cataloguing and inventory

We identify and register the patrimony that our client possesses, allowing to to take an adequate assignment of the works to the spaces, that must be destined, in the function of the values of these.

We make a physical inventory of the work, in which the main data is collected and we complement it with a photographic archive.

Heritage conservation

This service is aimed at investors, companies, collectors
and to everyone who owns art.

To special assets or assets to last over time, It is essential to make good conservation of them.

With our advice, we help our clients to preserve the work, including their periodic inspection.


Service aimed at both natural and legal persons and insurance companies.

For individuals and legal entities the valuation of their valuables and special goods is carried out. With the objective that our clients want.

To insurance companies, the appraisal of the goods is made
specials that their clients possess, to prove the preexistence.


The services we offer to insurers are:


  • Intervention in accidents
  • Expert Advice
  • Stock Review